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Who is ProNetworker

We believe that it takes a village to build a business.

As networking advocates, ProNetworker mission is to educate entrepreneurs and sales professionals on the true power of networking. Most people don’t truly understand what networking is, how to network properly, or what effects networking done correctly can have. We host various educationals on effective networking as well as host different networking events.
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The ProNetworker Events

For over 11 years, we have created several event concepts that support our mission and a movement towards a positive experience while cultivating collaboration in business. View our current events.

Circle of Firms

A premium, in-person, open networking mixer designed to help you find your next strategic alliance or referral partner. By networking and building relationships with other business professionals, you will have more resources to offer your clients while strengthening your value proposition. LEARN MORE

Women Who Network

A collaborative in-person & virtual events for women in business to share experiences, contribute knowledge and skills. Women taking ownership of their success inspires others to strive harder, exceed expectations, and accomplish more in business through networking and collaboration opportunities. Women Entrepreneurs Networking with Women Entrepreneurs. LEARN MORE

Taste Urban

Celebrating the richness and diversity of Urban culture through food, art and music experience. At this event, supporters of Black Owned Businesses can come and physically meet entrepreneurs from their community. Building a positive rapport can increase the chance of doing business with each other. LEARN MORE

Network Urban

A virtual event for Black Entrepreneurs to network with other Black Entrepreneurs. Black owners need to work together in order to build together. Collaboration is key and discovering potential referral partners and new business resources are promoted at this event. Come find out how your next connection will grow your business. LEARN MORE

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Upcoming events



Virtual Event | Women's Business Networking Event​

Wednesday 2:00PM EST



Atlantucky | Urban Atlanta Business Networking Event

Wednesday 5:30PM EST



The Foundry | Taste Urban Atlanta ' BEST OF ' Marketplace Event

Wednesday 6:00PM EST

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