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ProNetworker host business events for sales professionals and entrepreneurs who believe in building their business through networking. 

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The ProNetworker Brands

For over 10 years, we have created several events concepts that served as platforms for various types of owners, industries, and ideas to exchange information with others that have a common interest. Currently, check out our online events.

Circle of Firms

A premium after hours open networking mixer is designed to help you find your next strategic alliance or referral partner. By networking and building relationships with other business professionals, you will have more resources to offer your clients while strengthening your value proposition. Currently suspended during covid. Check out our virtual event Networking Business Hop

Urban Atlanta

An event-based organization where supporters of Black Owned Businesses can come and physically meet entrepreneurs from their community. We believe that when people physically meet, build a positive rapport with each other, this increases the chance the will do business with each other. Our goal is to create platforms that inspire consumers to not only support but more importantly, do business with Black-Owned Businesses. LEARN MORE

Women Who Network

Women Entrepreneurs Networking with Women Entrepreneurs. Join us and grow your business by making new business relationships while learning effective strategies to maximize your networking activities. LEARN MORE

Black Foodie Friday

A virtual interactive dinner party celebrating the richness and diversity of the Black food experience. All you have to do is pick-up or order-in dinner, dessert, a snack even- from your favorite local spot or try something new. LEARN MORE

Meet The Founder

Corey "NetworKing" Moore

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Its not what you know, nor who you know, but who knows you…

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